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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby tobes » 18 Oct 2010 18:35

A message for 'David' (no idea of the username).
Could you do a lookup for the Queen's South Africa Medal Roll, Royal Engineers.
My Great Grandfather (George Thomas Carter #2990 Sapper/Corporal) may have been a member of 45th Field Company Royal Engineers.
We know next to nothing about his activities in the Boer War and I am hoping this lookup will help me get some more data.
Unfortunately his QSA (3 bars) and KSA (2 bars) were stolen from the house in 1918.
Many Thanks.
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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby DavidB » 18 Oct 2010 19:43

tobes wrote:A message for 'David' (no idea of the username).
Could you do a lookup for the Queen's South Africa Medal Roll, Royal Engineers.
My Great Grandfather (George Thomas Carter #2990 Sapper/Corporal) may have been a member of 45th Field Company Royal Engineers.
We know next to nothing about his activities in the Boer War and I am hoping this lookup will help me get some more data.
Unfortunately his QSA (3 bars) and KSA (2 bars) were stolen from the house in 1918.
Many Thanks.

I take it that's for me. Welcome to the forum :)
2990 Cpl G.Carter, 45th Fortress Company RE
QSA + 3 clasps (Cape Colony, Relief of Ladysmith, Orange Free State) + KSA
Invalided home July 1902, to Army Reserve
KSA roll notes him as a Railway Reservist
QSA sent to him 28/3/1903
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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby tobes » 18 Oct 2010 20:00

Wow Thanks amoaful73. That was quick.
That tallies with what I know, except for the 'invalided home'.
What format are the QSA rolls in? I've never seen them.
I'm interested in the names of the other members of 45th Fortress Co RE as I may be able to find out more about my GGpa.
I'm also getting increasingly interested in the whole 'Steam Traction Engines at War' Story.
I've been able to find some notes here and there but I'd like to check out a few more service records and find out who the officers were.
Thanks again for your help.
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Medal Rolls on Ancestry

Postby siegebatteries » 09 Nov 2010 20:38

WOW! :D :shock:

This morning I logged in to my account - nothing new. This evening - WOW!

There are three new databases:

Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls 1793-1949

Naval Medal & Award Roll 1793-1972

Citation of the DCM 1914-1920

(I know some of these dates are outside the VWF's remit but...)

If anyone hasn't got an Ancestry subscription, I'm quite prepare to do a few look ups

20th Foot in SA and Mauritius 1868-1872 / Ashantee War 1873-1874 /Imperial Yeomanry 1899-1902 / Royal Marine LI 1900/1908 / Royal Navy and the China Station 1908-1914
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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby medals999 » 13 Jun 2011 17:35

can anyone help with qv lsgc medal roll checks for the following all cheshire regiment. 1203 c/sjt j harrison,2604 c/sjt u burke,(not a joke)&3923 sjt j would be appreciated.medals 999.
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Re: Medal Roll Checks 72nd Highlanders

Postby J.Martin » 12 Apr 2012 18:55

Hello Garen and Others,
I am new to the forum and would like to introduce myself and ask for a bit of help. I recently acquired a 1878 Afghanistan Medal awarded to 58 B/758 A. M'Kinnon 72nd Highlrs. Can you give me any information regarding his clasp entitlements? For those who have questions regarding United States decorations, do not hesitate to contact me.
Cheers, JM
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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby gordon92 » 14 Sep 2013 15:36

Hello Mark or Garen,

I have recently acquired a white drill jacket belonging to a Charles Irvine of the 72nd Highlanders and then 1st Bn Seaforth Highlanders. A photo of the medal ribbons is enclosed. Clearly seen is the Afghanistan 1878-1880 ribbon on the left, probably the Kabul to Kandahar Star in the middle, and Egypt/Sudan 1882-1889 on the right.

Irvine is shown on the 2nd Afghan War roll with regimental number 2547 and as number S/459 on the 2nd Egyptian War roll.

Two questions if I might:
1. Could someone confirm that Charles Irvine 2547 of the 72nd was entitled to the Kabul to Kandahar Star? and
2. My surmise is that regimental numbers were re-issued after the 1881 reforms with the two numbers for Charles Irvine indicated above. Could you say if this surmise is correct?

I would be grateful for inputs on these questions.

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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby John Winner » 09 Dec 2013 01:29

I am new here, but I have access to the Ancestry databases, here is a break down of the Naval Medal and Award rolls, 1793-1972, only Victorian era listed. I will do lookups if needed.

Abyssinia Medal 1867-68
[Naval and Marine personnel: expedition to Magdala] (154 pages)
Ashanti Medal 1873-74
[Naval Brigade personnel: Ashanti campaign, clasp "COOMASSIE" (9 June 1873 – 14 Feb 1874)] (125 pages)
Ashanti Medal 1887-1900
[24th Bombay Native Infantry and attached Army and Navy personnel – clasp "M'WELE 1895-6"] (105 pages)
[Miscellaneous Expeditions: 1878-1892] (14 pages)
[Miscellaneous Expeditions: 1890-1898] (311 pages)
[Naval Brigade from H.M. Ships Alecto, Blonde and Fox: clasp "SIERRA LEONE 1898-9"] (30 pages)
Baltic Medal 1854-55
[A-D] (216 pages)
[E-J] (192 pages)
[K-R] (248 pages)
[S-Z] (193 pages)
Burmah Medal 1885-1887 [clasp to India Medal]
[Personnel who served in the third Burmese War] (10 pages)
Canada General Service Medal 1866-1870
[Naval personnel – clasps: "Fenian Raid 1886", Red River 1870", Fenian Raid 1870"] (42 pages)
China Medal 1840-42
[Officers and men employed in H.M. Ships during operations in China] (201 pages)
[Supplementary list of officers and men noted 'Dead' in the nominal roll] (51 pages)
China Medal 1856-1860
[Marine Brigade – clasps: "FATSHAN", "CANTON", "TAKU FORTS", "PEKIN"] (52 pages)
[Ships A-D] (305 pages)
[Ships E-J] (249 pages)
[Ships K-R] (252 pages)
[Ships S-Z] (283 pages)
China Medal 1900
[Naval and Marine personnel who were landed in China during the Boxer Rebellion] (278 pages)
Crimea Medal 1854-55
[Marine Brigade – clasps: "SEBASTOPOL" (1854-55), "BALAKLAVA" (1854), "INKERMAN" (1854)] (68 pages)
[Naval and mariner personnel – Sea of Azzoff operations, clasp "AZOFF" (1855)] (99 pages)
[Naval Brigade – clasps: "SEBASTOPOL" (1854-55), "INKERMAND" (1854)] (78 pages)
[Ships A-F] (168 pages)
[Ships G-Q] (154 pages)
[Ships R-Z] (209 pages)
Egyptian Medal 1882
[Naval and marine personnel – clasps: "ALEXANDRIA, 11th July" (1882), "TEL-EL- KEBIR" (1882)] (327 pages)
India Medal 1854
[Naval Brigade personnel: expedition to Malaya Peninsular, clasp "PERAK 1875-1876"] (39 pages)
[Naval personnel – clasp "PEGU" (1852-53)] (53 pages)
Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-58
[Naval Brigade personnel – clasp: "DEFENCCE OF LUCKNOW", "RELIEF OF LUCKNOW", "CENTRAL INDIA"] (41 pages)
Khedive's Egyptian Star 1891
[Personnel serving in Egypt in 1891 – Bronze star and clasp "TOKAR", awarded by the Khedive of Egypt] (6 pages)
Khedive's Soudan Medal 1896-1908
[Naval and marine recipients of the medal and clasps awarded by the Khedive of Egypt] (30 pages)
Miscellanious Medals and Awards 1833-1918
[Royal Humane Society and National Lifeboat Institution, Albert and King's Gold Medals, Naval Prizes] (84 pages)
Miscellanious Medals and Awards 1866-1966
[Miscellaneous campaigns and actions from 1866 to 1966] (720 pages)
National General Service Medal 1793-1840
[Battle of Algiers] (47 pages)
[Battle of Navarino] (29 pages)
[First Lieutenants od Commanders promoted; other claims for the Algiers, Navarino and Acre clasps] (360 pages)
[French Revolutionary Wars, Napoleonic Wars, Algiers, Navarino, Acre, Syria] (622 pages)
[Medal claims for boat actions in which the officer commanding was promoted] (285 pages)
[Surviving men entitled to Naval General Service Maedal clasps for actions between 1793 and 1827] (413 pages)
[Syria and China campaigns] (542 paegs)
New Zealand Medal 1845-66
[First and Second Maori Wars in New Zealand] (76 pages)
Queen's and King's South Africa Medals 1899-1902
[Naval and Marine Brigade personnel who served ashore during the Boer War] (335 pages)
[Officers and men of the Naval and Marine Brigade who served ashore South Africa with the naval guns] (111 pages)
Register of Campaign Medals Issued 1793-1956
[Miscellaneous campaigns and actions from 1793-1937] (116 pages)
Register of Campaign Medals Issued 1818-1914
[Register of campaign medals issued, lists od ships engaged in various campaigns and actions] (129 pages)
Sea Transport Medal 1899-1902
[Mercantile Marine Officers – troop transports to South African War and Boxer Rebellion] (249 pages)
Soudan Medal 1884
[Naval and marine personnel – clasps: "SUAKIN 1884", 'EL TEB" (1884), "TAMAAI" (1884)] (80 pages)
Soudan Medal 1888
[Naval and marine personnel – clasp "GEMAIZAH 1888"] (8 pages)
Soudan Medal and Khedive's Egyptian Star 1884-86
[Claps: "THE NILE 1884-85", ABU KLEA" (1885), "KIRKEBAN" (1885), "SAUKIN 1885", "TOFREK" (1885)] (136 pages)
South Africa Medal 1877-79
[Naval Brigade who served in the Basuto and Zulu Wars] (58 pages)
South Africa or Cape of Good Hope Medal 1850-53
[Kaffrarian campaign – H.M. Ships Castor, De, Hermes, Rhadamanthus and Styx] (22 pages)
St. Jean d'Acre Medal 1842
[H.M. Ships on board which Turkish Medals have been distributed] (98 pages)
[Naval and marine personnel eligible for medal awarded by Sultan of Turkey for service in Syria] (76 pages)

The other database of interest is Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls 1793-1949, I do not have a breakdown of this list, although it is much larger than the Naval list. I will do lookups for this list as well.

Request can be made by private message or on the forum.

John Winner
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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby dolly » 04 Jan 2014 16:09

Hello, I am completely new to any forums of any description - so apoliges to all if doing it "wrong". I have just left a message under "new members " probably in wrong place so will repeat it here but add a question ie do the medal rolls show the age of the recipient?

Hello, I have a photograph dating c 1850-60 of an elderly gentleman in a naval officers uniform / no gold braids and no hat but dangling ( technical word) epaulettes with pips on the shoulder; we think he is wearing an Army of India medal with one bar ( probably Ava ) maybe donned his uniform to have the photo with his medal?
There is no name which is what I would love to know. He appears to be over 60 or maybe over 70 and to me looks a bit like Lord Raglan though I know it isn't him. any suggestion as to how to go about this :) We know the medal was issued in 1851 to those that were still alive.
ever hopeful regards Dolly
Hope I've sent this to the right forum now, if not Sorry!
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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby jhorsman » 28 Jan 2014 03:13

Hello everyone
I am trying to find out if my great, great, great grandfather who was with the Royal Horse Artilary for 21years would have recieved a lsgc medal. He was a sergant upon leaving the regular army. He served from 1829 - 1850
regards james horsman
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Medal naming

Postby alby502 » 06 Dec 2014 12:01


I have returned to collecting medals and am concentrating on Egypt 1882-1889. I have in my possession an undated Egypt medal to 686 Pte. J. Knight 1/ Berkshire Rgt. with Suakin 1885/Tofrek clasps. The roll shows the medal entitlement is correct and that he was "Dead" (another posting on this forum mentions that he died from cholera). I am concerned with the unit part of the naming.
It is 1/Berks. R. I have seen mention of this type of naming on dated medals. I have also seen mention and a photo of
1/ Rl. Berks. R. naming on undated medals. Should I be concerned about this? Could the "Royal" status have been awarded to the regiment after the medal was issued?

Thank you in advance for any assistance offered.alby502
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Private messageE-mail alby502
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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby Mark A. Reid » 06 Dec 2014 22:42

Hello alby502:

Welcome to the Forum.

I think you will find that both dated and undated Egypt Medals should be named 1/BERKS R. The Royal title was bestowed on 1 October 1885 and I suspect that the medals had been named, if not issued, by then. Perhaps some Berkshire experts can comment?

The only related medal I have is a dated, no-clasp example that is named to 49/679 SERGT. H. REED 1/BERKS. R.

Good luck with the collecting.


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Re: Medal Roll Checks

Postby alby502 » 07 Dec 2014 07:06

Thank you!!
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