5th Mounted Infantry During the Boer War 1899-1902

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5th Mounted Infantry During the Boer War 1899-1902

Postby st helena » 20 Mar 2010 14:07

Does any one have any Information,photos of the 5th Mounted Infantry during the Boer War? & the history of the Boer War! did this Mounted Infantry have a 'Name'? I have the QSAM for a "Pte William Bennett. 4741 The Worester Regiment " & then went into the 5th Mounted Infantry! I know William was at "Wittenburg". Can any one help me please?
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Re: 5th Mounted Infantry During the Boer War 1899-1902

Postby SWB » 20 Mar 2010 18:46

The numbered Mounted Infantry of the ABW did not have 'names' - simply '5th regiment/battalion (depending on source) Mounted Infantry'. They were formed from companies of soldiers in infantry regiments who had gained a Mounted Infantry qualifucation. Each MI regiment was made up of companies from more than one infantry regiment.

I don't think there are specific MI histories as they were created for the ABW and the men came from different regiments. Most regimental histories cover the activities of their MI company. I've not read a history for the Worcesters so can't say. Contact the regimental museum.

- Wittebergen - a clasp to the QSA medal. A mountainous region of the eastern Orange Free State. This page http://www.casus-belli.co.uk/index.asp?PageId=140 will tell you a bit about the qualification for the Wittebergen clasp.

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Re: 5th Mounted Infantry During the Boer War 1899-1902

Postby heliwest » 24 Mar 2010 12:36

In most cases the Mounted Infantry regiments are numbered by their divisions. Thus 7th Mounted Infantry was formed from companies from units within that division. In the case of the 7th, the Hampshires,Norfolks, Lincolns and KOSB all provided companies. A small headquarters was blistered on plus a pom pom section. The highland mounted infantry came from the Highland Division and the Burmah Mounted Infantry from units who came over from Burmah.
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