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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for the nice comments on the forum and the PM's about the tins that I have previously posted.....

As you can see I collect not only Militaria connected with the Boer War but also items from the Home Front..... Some of which is quite scarce and in some cases can be called very rare.....

I have attached some pictures of a Tea Caddy made in the shape of and artillery shell..... The one on the right has a screw on cap that looks like a fuse, the one on the right is missing its top.....

The caddy/tin is painted all over Silver Grey with Gold Bands representing the copper/brass bands that would have been on an actual shell there is a Gold bordered Red Shield with the following written on it: "FACSIMILE OF SHELL - MEMENTO OF THE TRANSVAAL WAR 1899-1900"......

On the bottom is a Red circle with the following in White: "REGISTERED DESIGN - John Wilson, Tin Printer, Shipley, Sole Maker"...... and "PACKED BY THE BRITISH & BENINGTON'S TEA TRADING ASSON. LIMITED, 118 SOUTHWARK ST. LONDON".....

The height is: 9 Inches by 3 ¾ Inches diameter......

This tin shows up occasionally on eBay and ranges in price from $40.00 to $75.00 US depending on quality of painting and if it has a top or not.....


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