Was Michael James Middleton in Boer War?

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Was Michael James Middleton in Boer War?

Postby middleton » 17 Nov 2016 18:18

I am new to the site and would like to research my wife's grandfather's army service with a view to replacing his medals stolen some years ago. Michael was born 2/1/1883 in Somerset and joined the Somerset Light Infantry in April 1901, number 6013. All the family are certain we recall the QSA and some clasps as one of his medals but when researching the Boer War medal lists on Ancestry.com cannot find his name. We have some photos of his army service; firstly in the red serge of the SLI when he joined-up; then one in India 1904-06 showing he was in H company of 1/SLI, and another as a L/Cpl in photo of all the 1/SLI's junior NCOs in tropical uniforms but whilst some wear their medals he has none; the next is as a Sgt in WW1 where he does wear the QSA ribbon (we are pretty sure it is!). It has been suggested that as an 18 year old he would not serve in SA (normal age was 20 apparently). So we are left wondering why he is not on the medal rolls and doubting our memory of his medals. There are photos in the 1930s of "Old Contemptibles" SLI where it appears to show he wears more than the 3 usual WW1 medals but impossible to tell what. They only other bit of info I have found is that the 2/SLI arrived in SA Dec 1899 on SS Briton. I wonder therefore: did 18 yr olds go to SA, and was the QSA medal ever issued at later dates than the original issues that formed the medal roll (my father for example didn't get his WW2 medals until the 1990s)? Although he was with the 1/SLI in India was there much interchange between battalions? The final picture we have is of the ship SS Sicilia that may or may not have taken him to/from SA or India. Any advice would be much appreciated, many thanks.
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Re: Was Michael James Middleton in Boer War?

Postby SWB » 17 Nov 2016 20:41


Have you search for service papers? FindmyPast is the best.

Could you post the picture of him with medal ribbons?

Throughout the war reinforcement drafts were sent so he could well have gone out in 1901 or 1902.

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