Carbines to Rifles

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Carbines to Rifles

Postby rclpillinger » 12 Mar 2016 21:56

In his Short History of the Tenth Royal Hussars my Grandfather writes of the period at the beginning of 1901:

"The Regiment was railed to Natal Spruit, and marched thence to Springs, on the 4th, fought at Haalfontein on the 12th, and here, on the 26th, the Regiment was armed with rifles, and the carbines withdrawn

He doesn't, however, make it very clear what month this was. it rather would indicate from dates around the text that it was January, but it could well be February. Does anyone have a clear answer to this?

It would also seem that this was, compared to other regiments, quite late on, as I believe several regiments arrived in S. A .with rifles. How did this timing compare with the majority of other regular regiments receiving rifles, and were there any regiments who served the duration of the war with carbines, or where they completely finished with by the end of 1902?

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Re: Carbines to Rifles

Postby Bushman » 05 May 2016 12:09

Generally speaking it was towards the end of 1900 that Roberts issued instructions to the cavalry to ditch the Arme Blanche and re equip with rifles rather than carbines. Some units possibly arrived with rifles but I have not seen evidence of it. It outraged the cavalry and began a fight that was not practically concluded until World War One. The point about rifles (that is during the Boer War)is that they have to be carried on the person rather than in a saddle bucket. ( note that MI saddle buckets still meant that the sling was looped over the rider's shoulder) Therefore swords/ Lances can't be carried. If you part with your horse for any reason your major weapon must go with you
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