R.E. Career Officer 37 years, Norman Guy Von Hugel

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R.E. Career Officer 37 years, Norman Guy Von Hugel

Postby Will Mathieson » 09 Feb 2016 02:53

A recent acquisition led me on a short but fulfilling search.
The Wilkinson sword of Lt Col Norman Guy Von Hugel. During WW1 he dropped the "Von" from his name.
His sword was made in 1885, a Wilkinson with medium blade 33"x1" and service sharpened 22" back from tip and false edge sharp, later to be re hilted to the 1897p.

Born 10th Sept1863 • Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Studied at RMC 1881-1885

Grad RMC Kingston 30 June 1885 as Co.Sgt.Maj and received a Diploma with Honours, received the Silver Medal for General Proficiency over his 4 yrs at the College. He also received a prize for Drills and Military Exercises. He was then commissioned to the RE. He was one of only two graduates who took up a voluntary course on Surveying and MilitaryTopography and passed 1st class. He was very proficient in all aspects of his studies and was regarded as a very promising prospect.

30th June 1885 • Chatham, Kent, England

Commissioned into Royal Engineer

1888 -1894 • India including Bengal.

Returned to UK in 1894 and promoted to Captain. Stationed at Plymouth then Cork Harbour, Ireland until 1899

Participated in the advance on Kimberley including actions at Belmont,Enslin & Modder River where he was slightly wounded.

Took part in operations in Natal from March to June 1900 including the action at Laings Nek 6th-9th June. Also operations in the Transvaal East of pretoria from July to 29th November 1900.

Twice mentioned in despatches: Lord Roberts recommendation of 2nd April 1901 [LG 10th Sept. 1901] & Lord Kitchener's final despatch of 23rd June 1902 [LG 29th July 1902]

23 Nov 1902 • Standerton District

Promoted Major on 23rd November 1902


02 Apr 1911 • Military, England

Promoted Lt.Col. on 4th October 1910 and stationed in UK until outbreak of WW1.

Having dropped the Von from his name N G Hugel continues to be shown in the Army Lists through the war and placed on half pay on 23rd Feb, 1916 and Retired pay 31st May 1918


1924 • Hampstead, England

Departure August 1927 • Montréal, Québec, Canada

Arrival 10 Sep 1927 • Liverpool, England

Departure January.1935 • New York, New York, United States

Arrival 4 Feb 1935 • Liverpool, England

Departure 13 Sep 1935 • Liverpool, England

Departure May 1936 • Mombasa, Kenya

Arrival 20 Jul 1936 • Southampton, England

From Mombassa, Living at the United Services Club,Pal Mall ,London

Death 10 Mar 1944 • Elliott Hotel,Shuter St., Toronto,Canada
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Re: R.E. Career Officer 37 years, Norman Guy Von Hugel

Postby acanthus » 13 Feb 2016 03:12


Good solid history; and I always find the combination of the earlier blade with the 1895 or 1897 guard interesting.
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