Colourised Photo : Boer Schoolboy POWs on St Helena.

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Colourised Photo : Boer Schoolboy POWs on St Helena.

Postby jdk » 09 Nov 2017 21:22

A group of Boer schoolboy POWs on St Helena, along with their teachers, one presumes.
They are displaying various woodwork projects that they have made.
I think these lads could pass as as any youngster one would see at any school today....
Colourised by me.
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Re: Colourised Photo : Boer Schoolboy POWs on St Helena.

Postby 95th » 10 Nov 2017 21:07

Well done JD!
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Re: Colourised Photo : Boer Schoolboy POWs on St Helena.

Postby Maureene » 11 Nov 2017 01:39

Well done! They do look young, don't they. However, the fact that they are in a POW Camp probably means they were not considered children. This was in the days when children left school and entered the work force at what is now considered a very young age.

There is information about Boer War POW Camps in India, also including St Helena and Ceylon, in the FIBIS Fibiwiki page POW Camps in India, section Boer War.

Not included in the above page (due to restrictions about recent publications) is details of an biography available Boer Boy: Memoirs of an Anglo-Boer War Youth by Chris Schoeman, published 2011, based on an account Charles Du Preez wrote later in life as well as other oral and documentary sources, including a dairy kept by his mother during the war.
The description says
Boer Boy is the touching personal narrative of a ten-year-old farm boy’s harrowing but fascinating experiences during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899–1902. Charles du Preez recounts his life on his family’s Eastern Free State farm; their harassment by the Khakis; the destruction of their farm and their desperate flight during Lord Kitchener’s ‘scorched-earth’ campaign; and the capture of his mother and siblings, who were sent to the Winburg concentration camp. He recalls the time hiding in the mountains with his father; their capture and voyage aboard the Aurania to India as prisoners of war; life in the intense heat of the POW camps of Umballa and Solon, where he was the youngest inmate; and their repatriation to South Africa, reuniting with the family and coming home to the ruins of their farm to start again.

Available Kindle version fairly inexpensively ... 1770221387

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