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The Egyptian Artillery at Tel El-Kebir

PostPosted: 18 May 2017 10:20
by HerbertKitch12
I know the Egyptian army had German Krupp guns, how up to date were they and what other types of artillery did the Egyptians have?

Does anyone have any pictures of the Krupps or artillery pieces taken after the battle?

Re: The Egyptian Artillery at Tel El-Kebir

PostPosted: 18 May 2017 13:11
by Mark A. Reid
In haste before I dash out the door so just a few points;

- In 1882 the Egyptian Army ( EA ) had four regiments of Field Artillery of six batteries each, with each battery consisting of six guns as well as three regiments of Garrison Artillery. In addition, the Artillery had some Gardner and Gatling guns that were used in coastal defence.This according to Lieutenant Colonel Vogt of the German Army. Most of the field artillery appears to have been at Tel-el-Kebir.

- According to Colonel Maurice, the following pieces were captured at Tel-el-Kebir;

7 x Bronze 9 cm. RML La Hitte guns
47 x Steel 9 cm. RBL Krupp guns
10 x Steel 8 cm. RBL Krupp guns

- It should be noted that some of the senior Egyptian officers and Senior NCO's had recent active service experience in Abyssinia ( 1875 ) Serbia ( 1876 ) and Bulgaria ( 1877-78 ) but many of the rank and file would much rather have been back on the farm.

- The attached photos were taken last year at Fort Nelson, near Portsmouth, and show a Krupp 8 cm. gun captured at Tel-el-Kebir and now in the possession of The Royal Armouries. I believe that the current paint scheme is accurate, certainly far better than the dark green ( ! ) that it used to be.

My apologies for being so brusque but I must away.



Re: The Egyptian Artillery at Tel El-Kebir

PostPosted: 19 May 2017 14:44
by bill wright
I think the photographs and info given is excellent regarding the Egyptian Krupps. I would just add, as I remarked in my book, "A Tidy Little War" that Maurice wrote to Arabi Pasha in exile and asked for details of his armaments at Tel-el-Kebir. Arabi replied that he had 75 heavy guns, a figure that seems suspect. Caspar Goodrich in his U.S. intelligence report listed 60 Egyptian cannon and says the British captured 58 heavy guns (not Maurice`s 64) so the authorities cannot agree.