Artillery Egypt Medal Khedive's Star

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Artillery Egypt Medal Khedive's Star

Postby keflin2612 » 04 Aug 2015 21:01

Hi Folks,
Could some kind sole help with some info please, I've just acquired an Egypt Medal and Khedive's Star, the Egypt Medal is engraved to Sgt 29294 J. Cornish, everything after that is quite badly rubbed and I can't tell what it says, however I also have his pocket watch which was given to him by the officer's, nco's and men of the VIth battery 1st L.R.G.A.V and dated 1904 and his rank and name on the watch is RSM James Cornish. I guess the L.R.G.A.V is the * Royal Garrison Artillery Volunteers. I don't know what the 'L' stands for, is there anyone who could help me out with any info please.
Thanks and kind regards.
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Re: Artillery Egypt Medal Khedive's Star

Postby Dan » 05 Aug 2015 19:05

I think the "L" is for for "Lancashire" which as far as I know is the only county with an RGA (V) unit starting with an "L". ... _Artillery
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Re: Artillery Egypt Medal Khedive's Star

Postby crimea1854 » 09 Aug 2015 12:23


I've looked at the medal roll and was unable to find your man, so it would help if you could give a little more info re the actual medals i.e. is the Egypt dated or undated and what is the date on the Khedive's Star?

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Re: Artillery Egypt Medal Khedive's Star

Postby Larmo » 09 Aug 2015 17:33

Hi Kevin

Found your man, Sergeant John Cornish, 29294, 5/1 Scottish Division RA, clasp for Suakin 1885 and the Khedive Star. The document for the Egypt medal was recorded at Abbaseyeh, 25 September 1885, the Khedive Star, Woolwich 22 July 1887. His records can be seen on I'm no help on the watch though, sorry


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