14th Bengal Lancers photo - photographer details wanted

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14th Bengal Lancers photo - photographer details wanted

Postby Jon Lee » 30 Oct 2013 20:29

Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone here has seen this photo of the 14th Bengal Lancers before and can find the reference, or might be able to positively identify the photographer. The archive that holds the original can't locate it (nor the other 38 with it in the same album.)

I believe it is probably the one Bowling (1974) refers to on page 36 (Indian Cavalry Regiments, 1880 - 1914):

"A photograph dated 1884 shows a group of British and Indian Officers. The dress of the Native Officers is almost identical to fig 44 except that the skirts of the kurta are slightly shorter and the breeches are of a sandy brown colour. The boots are Napoleon. The British Officers in the group wear the Lancer tunic and full dress is almost identical to that warn until 1914 the only differences being that the helmet was the white colonial pattern with gilt spike and curb chain and a white pagri and the breeches have double gold lace stripes with a light red between. The sword is the Light Cavalry pattern in a steel scabbard for British Officers and a black scabbard with metal fittings for Indian Officers"

The National Army Museum have a poor copy but don't hold the copyright so can't reproduce it. They have mistakenly (?) ascribed it to John Burke. (Admittedly, it won't have been taken in Afghanistan, but it is not in any of his Afghan photos in the Royal collection.)The photo doesn't look like it is taken by Bourne & Shepherd, Frederick Bremner or Johnston and Hoffman - though it could be. I guess there were hundreds of photographers in India at the time, and I also guess that not all of the 39 photos were by the same photographer anyway.

The copyright holder is the Scottish National Portrait Gallery but they can't find this group of photos. If we can work out the real photographer, at least they can then do a search based on him. Then they might just find all 39 photos - which will be a boon to all historians and the museum itself. (Hence the copyright holder will not mind at all about this poor quality photocopy of a poor quality photocopy being used for this post.)The binder in the NAM says it came from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery via the Scottish United Services Museum.
The NAM reference is Thirty nine copy photographs, 1864 (c)-1902 (c); associated with Indian Army; groups and portraits.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

14th Bengal lancers by John Burke NAM 001.jpg
14th Bengal lancers by John Burke NAM 001.jpg (19.83 KiB) Viewed 1144 times
Jon Lee
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Re: Help please with photographer.

Postby Maureene » 30 Oct 2013 23:57

Jon, I can't help directly, but the Curator, Photographs, India Office Collection at the British Library John Falconer may be able to offer advice. He is mentioned in this link

The Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge
http://www.s-asian.cam.ac.uk perhaps may be another source of advice, as it has a photograph collection

Hugh Ashley Rayner is a dealer in vintage photographs from India, with this website
http://www.indiabooks.co.uk/Indiabooks. ... raphy.html

Photographs by John Burke may be seen in the book From Kashmir To Kabul: the photographs of John Burke and William Baker, 1860-1900 by Omar Khan, as mentioned in this Victorian Wars Forum post

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Re: Help please with photographer.

Postby Jon Lee » 31 Oct 2013 08:28

A great start Maureen. Cheers
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