Spin Boldak

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Spin Boldak

Postby MarkBohleber » 19 Aug 2013 12:16

In 2008, I spent several months in what was reported to be the last garrison on the British. The local stated that the British had been over run and the garrison killed. Their bodies hung over the walls by their feet. Is there anyone on the board knowledgeable about this Fort/ Garrison and the incident. I lived there from April-July 2008. We (eight westerners and about 60 Afghan Border police). We built a training site there for them, trained and equipped them there. I was amazed one night when an interpreter kept telling of seeing the ghosts of the British there.

I will post pics sometime if you would like to see them.
Thanks much, I am an American and developing a huge interest in the British wars that were fought in this time period in the East.
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Re: Spin Boldak

Postby Maureene » 20 Aug 2013 09:22

Mark, there is a very slight reference to Spin Boldak during the 3rd Afghan War in 1919 in this link from the blog “Colonial Warfare 1880-1975”, but I haven’t come across anything from the 2nd Afghan War.
http://colonialwarfare18901975.devhub.c ... n-war-1919

The name may have changed, or the spelling may have several variants.

For information about the 2nd Afghan War, including links to a number of histories available online, see the FIBIS Fibiwiki page “2nd Afghan War”

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Re: Spin Boldak

Postby Garen » 09 Sep 2013 23:45

Hello Mark

Reading your message just now (some time after you posted it, sorry) the first thing that comes to mind in that area is the attack on the small post at Dubrai (now more commonly Dabare), which is about 20 miles along the road from Spin Boldak.

On 16 April 1880 about 300 tribesmen stormed Dubrai, held by just Major Waudby and five men. All were killed in the ensuing fight, save one sowar of the Sind Horse who managed to escape.

I'm not aware of anything major at Spin Boldak in the Second Afghan War (but I'm not quite as familiar with events in the south as I am with those in the north, so that might just be my ignorance).

I'm even less certain about the First Afghan war as I have only a very passing familiarity with it, but I thought most of the heat of that campaign was around Kabul and along the Khyber, until General Nott came avenging from Kandahar up to Ghazni.

The Third Afghan War saw the British capture Spin Boldak in May 1919 - more than that I don't know.

Would love to know if you can pin a date on the info you have.

All best -
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