1639 Drummer John Groves, Maiwand casualty

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1639 Drummer John Groves, Maiwand casualty

Postby Fathertime » 15 Nov 2017 14:12

Is there any way to know if this John Groves was married, or left any children behind? I do know he had been in India since 1870. I am looking for the father of a former pupil of the Royal Hibernian Military school with the same name. My John Groves was born in Sheffield in April 1871, and mother's name was Eliza.
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Re: 1639 Drummer John Groves, Maiwand casualty

Postby Peter » 16 Nov 2017 07:36


I’m not entirely clear exactly what you’re after. Perhaps this will be of some assistance.

I had a couple of ancestors at the Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea. There is a CD available named Alphabetical list of Children admitted to the RMA 1803-1880 ….. which I see has been renamed: 1803-80 Admissions Ledgers, http://www.richardgilbert.ca/achart/pub ... edger.html : “The ledger entries are fully referenced to the student's admission, parents, regiment, discharge or apprenticeship”.

Both the Duke of York's Royal Military School, nee Royal Military Asylum, and the Royal Hibernian Military School, sites are maintained by the same ‘group’.

According to the RHMS’ site, http://www.richardgilbert.ca/achart/pub ... ernian.htm :

“The institution’s records were stored in London, but destroyed by fire during the London blitz of World War II in 1940. In 1924, those boys still in the RHMS school joined the Duke of York’s Royal Military School and the current documents in use – admissions registers, board minutes and commandant’s correspondence – moved with them.

“The extant admissions registers were transferred to the National Archives, Kew, in January 2003. They are being transcribed by Peter Goble of Harrogate, who did similar research on the admissions registers of the Duke of York’s School for the period 1803 to 1880”.

Both sites are updated from time to time. It might be worthwhile contacting Mr Goble.

However, in contradiction of the RHMS site:

Nominal roll of boys joining the Royal Hibernian Military School, 1847 Jan 01 - 1877 Dec 31, http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.u ... /C11144477

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