Fenian Raids 150

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Fenian Raids 150

Postby Waggoner » 17 Apr 2016 13:45

One hundred and fifty years ago, the Fenians were mustering in Eastport, Maine in preparation for invadng New Brunswick. Local militia forces, supported by British regulars and the Royal Navy, deployed to guard the border. Fortunately, the Fenian threat never amounted to much and the United States military stepped in to enforce neutrality and disperse the Fenians. The most significant result was that the Fenians, and the security threat they presented, helped to convince New Brunswickes to jon Confederation the following year.

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Re: Fenian Raids 150

Postby Spañiard » 17 Apr 2016 17:02

I was going to post as separate thread however will just add, Ici.

The Queen’s Own Rifles, University Company Suffered The Most During The Fenian Raids. http://wp.me/p55eja-DG

SVP: The below is a snippet of the original letter, for further reading fallow above short link.

Ottawa June 6th 1866.
My dear Father,

You no doubt have heard before this of the troubles which have been not only threatening but also actually occurring in this country. I do not know whether you have had good reports of the raid conveyed to and therefore will send you this week’s “Globe” which will contain the whole affair. The excitement here was tremendous all Friday, Saturday, Sunday and although very moderate on Monday yet again began to run high on yesterday (Tuesday).............The first thing that strikes one’s attention in the affair was the alacrity with which the “Queen’s Own” battalion of volunteers started and arrived at the front. The Fenians crossed over from Buffalo and took Fort Erie about 1 A.M. on Friday and by 6 A.M. the “Queen’s Own” were on the Steamer at Toronto and steaming out of the Bay. And this is more wonderful as they were not under active orders and had never been on any service at the Front.

The “Queen’s Own” let me inform you is the pet regiment of the grand people of Toronto. Its companies have always taken the prizes for drill and target shooting. Its men are the wealthiest of all the volunteers about Toronto or perhaps in the West of Canada and it corresponds with the “Victoria’s” of Montreal in the East. It used to be the boast of the Toronto people the “Queen’s Own” were almost as well drilled as Regulars.

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