Colours of the 63rd Regt of Foot (1861 to 1870)

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Colours of the 63rd Regt of Foot (1861 to 1870)

Postby petegarnham » 06 May 2015 21:54

Hi All,
I'm doing some research into the 63rd Regt of Foot (West Suffolk) and other British units that served in Canada in the 10 year period from the Trent Affair (1861) to the end of the Fenian Raids (1871). I'm particularly interested in the Regimental Colours that were carried by the 63rd at this time.

So far I have the following:
Regimental Colour background: Deep Green
Scroll around LXIII reads ' The West Suffolk'

The sources I've found indicate the following timelines:
20 September 1842 new Colours presented (Wylly, Volume 1, p200)
10 May 1854 new Colours presented (Wylly Volume 1, p229)
12 Feb 1872 new Colours presented (Wylly Volume 1, p273)
Also Slack pages 61, 65, 79, 100, 191 & 205

This would indicate that the Colours issued in 1854 were carried throughout the Crimean and taken to Canada not to be replaced until 12 Feb 1872. The frontispiece of Wylly shows two stands of Colours, the 63rd and the 96th. The description on the next page reads ' Colours of the 63rd Foot. Presented 10th May 1854, and then 'The Regimental Colour shown above is printed from two photographs of the remains of the old Colour now in possession of the Officers' Mess, 1st Battalion.

Shown on the Regimental Colour are 3 Battle Honours (Egmont-op-Zee, Sevastopol and Alma)

The picture appears to contradict the text as two of the Battle Honours shown were not awarded until 15 October 1855 (Sevastopol and Alma), a year after the Colours were presented. To my knowledge Battle Honours were not necessarily added immediately but were held over until the next issue of Colours, in this case 12 Feb 1872.

At least one Battle Honour appears to be missing - Martinique (Awarded 19 October 1819), perhaps also Inkerman (Awarded 15 October 1855). If Sevastopol and Alma were added then why not Inkerman, they were awarded at the same time?

Can anyone assist as to what Battle Honours featured on the Colours of the 63rd Regiment during this period and perhaps where they were positioned on the Colour?

Many Thanks

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