Regiment deployed but no medal awarded?

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Regiment deployed but no medal awarded?

Postby Victorian Dad » 20 Sep 2017 12:01

Please forgive my ignorance on the India Mutiny. But I'm curious to know did Regiments find themselves deployed to India during the Mutiny but no qualify for a medal. My reason for asking is I have a LSGC medal to a chap who during this period was serving with the 94th Regiment. I know they arrived in India in November 1857 and he remained in India until 1866, so spent a considerable amount of time over there. I'm sure during the 1857-59 period the whole country must have been somewhat dogdey for the British Tommy. His service papers make no mention of any medals he earned, not even his LSGC. I have been unable to find anything about the 94th service (if any) during the Mutiny, the various regiment histories I've looked at just skim past this period, so I assume they took no active part in any engagements and I further assume that unlike other campaigns this medal wasn't awarded without any clasp ?
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Re: Regiment deployed but no medal awarded?

Postby ED, in Los Angeles » 17 Oct 2017 01:40

Sorry I did not answer this sooner. I knew the answer because I was studying the Mutiny medal for a purchase of said medal. The purchase did not happen.

Simply put, your man did not qualify. The 94th foot landed in Karachi, on the coast,in November 1857 and sat there for some months, and then marched to Peshawer and arrived in October 1858. The official end of hostilities was July 8, 1859.

Your man was stationed in The North West Frontier. The Muslims of the region did not join the rebellion. There was only minimal unrest in Peshawar N.W.F due to a Hindu garrison there. The garrison surrendered before your man got there. He was not in an area of operations.

This was an uprising in actually a small area of India. All of India was not A-flame. (See map below) ... ap.svg.png
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