Australian veterans of the Crimean War

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Australian veterans of the Crimean War

Postby RedRod » 22 Aug 2015 15:40

Hello learned members,

In my research I have come across numerous men who claimed to have served in the Crimean War. While I do have a medal roll for Crimean veterans I also know that not all received medals & hence I have been unable to substantiate their claim. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could provide information on the following men;

John ANDREWS - 14th Regt
Robert BARRY - Military Train
James BEACH - Royal Navy
Henry John BROWNE - 19th Regt
William K BRYANT - was awarded VC for service in either Crimean War or Indian Mutiny
James BUCKLEY - 28th Regt
Thomas Henry COOPER
Alfred Phillip COX - Royal Navy
John CRAVEN - 8th Hussars
William CROSS - 68th Regt
Henry DRANEY - 11th Hussars
Patrick FOX - 50th Regt
William FULLER - Royal Navy
Daniel GOLDUP - Royal Navy (HMS Boscawen)
Alfred Spencer HEATHCOTE - 60th Regt -awarded VC in either Crimea or Indian Mutiny
John IGO - 97th Regt
George KITT - Royal Navy
Daniel LAWSON - 6th Dragoons & 15th Hussars
H LEE - Army Hospital Corps
George Thomas LENEY
Charles McCabe
Samuel McCLUSKEY - 14th Regt
Martin McMAHON
Aaron MORGAN - 11th Hussars - claimed to have been in the charge of the Light Brigade
John MULLHOLLAND - 82nd & 88th Regts
Thomas MURRAY - Royal Navy
Graham MYLNE - 82nd Regt, claimed to have been in the charge of the Light Brigade
Thomas PARKES - Royal Artillery
George Edward PEPPER - 17th Lancers
James SEDGEWICK - 4th Dragoons, claimed to have been in the charge of the Light Brigade
William Perry SEYMOUR
Joseph SHILLINGLAW - 42nd Regt
Sydney SMITH
Zacariah SMITH
Walter David TAYLER-POWELL - claimed to have volunteered for service in Crimea but no evidence that he did
Ambrose THOMPSON - 31st Regt
William Duckett WHITE - (or William DUCKETT-WHITE)

Any information on these men would be most welcome.
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Re: Australian veterans of the Crimean War

Postby crimea1854 » 23 Aug 2015 08:51

I have found the following men on the medal roll:

Daniel Goldup, Boy 2nd Class, HMS Leander - on the NA website there are two service records for a Daniel Goldup born Waltham, Kent 08 Feb 1838.

James Beach, Ordinary, HMS Odin, Ships No.25 entitled to Crimea with Seb. clasp and Baltic Medal.

AP Cox, Calkers Assistant, HMS Magicienne, Ships No.9 entitled to Baltic Medal.

To find out more about each of these men you would need to visit the NA and view the Ships Description Books for each ship.

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Re: Australian veterans of the Crimean War

Postby trooper » 23 Aug 2015 09:01

Lieutenant Alfred Spencer Heathcote was born 29th march 1832. Serving in the 60th Rifles during the Siege of Delhi he was wounded. He volunteered for services of extreme danger during the six days of severe fighting in the streets after the assault. The regiment elected him for the VC. He died in Bowral, New South Wales on 21st February 1912. There is a memorial to him in St. James' Church, Sydney.
There is no record of a William Bryant winning the VC.
None of the following have been listed on the nominal rolls of the Light Brigade regiments that took part in the famous charge. Craven (8th Hussars)
Draney (11th Hussars)
Morgan (11th Hussars)
Pepper (17th Lancers)
Private James Sedgewick (4th Light Dragoons) is listed on the roll, but noted only as enlisting in 1836 and is not considered to have taken part in the Charge. He received the Crimean medal with bars for Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman and Sebastopol.
Graham Mylne (82nd Regiment) claiming to have taken part in the Charge of the Light Brigade is laughable, the 82nd being infantry.

Hope this is of some help. Trooper
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Re: Australian veterans of the Crimean War

Postby Peter » 24 Aug 2015 12:28


Re George Edward PEPPER - 17th Lancers

Find My Past has no George Edward Pepper ..... or any "George Pepper" in the 17th Lancers.

Further, there are no George Peppers who served in the Crimea.

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Re: Australian veterans of the Crimean War

Postby dianejar » 12 Oct 2015 07:26

Hello Rod and all other Listers

My website which dealt with Crimean War Veterans from Western Australia had been in the doldrums for 18 months - thanks to some design problems and me being on the 'sick list'. To add insult to injury, a malicious hacker made a brute force attack on the sub-sites of the WA Genealogical Society one of which was my Crimean War Veterans site.

I have now rebuilt the website to a slightly new design, moved to another host and URL which is:

Rod, the list of Crimean War veterans on the site is around 260 ..... but not all have yet been profiled. Peruse the list for your purpose. If a name on the A-Z index is highlighted in red, there should be a hyperlink to further data.

Diane O.
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Re: Australian veterans of the Crimean War

Postby Richard B » 01 Mar 2016 21:15

William Perry Seymour is Thomas Seymour Perry, born in Reading , his daughter was Caroline Seymour Perry born 1858.
The following is from Forgotten Heroes by Roy Dutton.

Status : Wounded and taken prisoner in the Charge Confirmed by : Lummis & Wynn  L.W. Crider  T. Brighton  A. Sewell  Born : 822 - Reading, Berkshire Died : 24th September 884 - 63 Forrest Road, Dalston, London Enlisted : 29th May 838 Lists : 875  877  879  BCS Dinners : Group Photos : 855  887  890  903  906  Pensions : T.H.Roberts Fund  L.B.R.F  Medals : Crimea (A.B.S)
A labourer prior to enlistment. Embarked for the East in the H.T. “Wilson Kennedy” on the 2nd May 854. Name shown as “William Perry” on the Casualty Roll. He was shot in both legs, received lance wounds to the body and sword wounds to the head during the Charge. Exchanged on the 29th August 855 at Odessa, landed from H.M.S. Furious at Constantinople on the 2nd September 855. From Scutari Hospital on the 3th October 855. On furlough from the st January to the 2th February 856. In the early 880’s he was supplementing his pension working as a clerk and taking lodgers into his house. He was living at 63 Forrest Road, Dalston, London with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Caroline. Buried at Abney Park Cemetery, grave number 46698,6 (LWC26) His portrait is shown in the 30th October 875 “The Illustrated London News” however his name is not shown on the list of attendees.
His daughter was the wife of my wifes great great uncle. I'm not aware of any Australian connection.

Regards Richard B
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Re: Australian veterans of the Crimean War

Postby Banker » 05 Mar 2016 01:51

I have come across these names who are Buried in the Crimean War Grave Cemetery at Drysdale, Victoria and stated to have served in the Crimea:

Charles Bowtell Royal Navy
Robert Cameron 4th Light Dragoons and 11th Lancers
John Coran 62nd Regt of foot
Thomas Robertson 4th Dragoon Guards

I also have a button badge for Sgt Major Gamble Blackwatch who supposedly the last survivor of the Crimean War aged 102 buried at Bacchus Marsh if memory serves.

In addition a Thomas Finnean Connaught Rangers has been identified as settling in Australia and he served in the Crimea

Regards Steve
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Re: Australian veterans of the Crimean War

Postby Jocelyn Woodford » 06 Dec 2016 21:25

Hi all,
I can let you know for absolute certainty that Robert John Wilson Gamble did not serve in the Crimean War or any other war and he has no military service. He is however a man than lived a life lying about himself! I have this not so desirable person as my great grandfather. He was born in Ballymoney Ireland in 1848, his first lie that we have evidence of is on his marriage certificate from 1881 when he stated his age as 25. He fathered 8 children to Mary Bryan, the youngest my grandmother born in 1900. He explained his longs absences from the family who lived above a shop on King St Newtown Sydney stating that he was working on the ships, but he was a railway engineer fitter/turner/boiler maker.
There are no records to support his claims as it is all just more of his tales about himself.
Such a disgrace that he received accolades and honour not due to him in any way. Dishonouring to those who deserve such recognition.
Jocelyn Woodford.
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Re: Australian veterans of the Crimean War

Postby Banker » 07 Dec 2016 07:25

Heres what was in The Argus about him and the badge

VETERANS’ TRIBUTE – Memorial to Sergeant-Major Gamble

Representatives of almost every naval and military organisation were present at the Brighton Cemetery yesterday afternoon at the dedication and unveiling of a memorial to the late Sergeant-Major Robert John Gamble, 42nd Black Watch Regiment, the well-known Crimean Veteran, who died on May 12, aged 106 years. In the absence of Lieutenant-General Sir Harry Chauvel, the ceremony was performed by Brigadier-General C. H. Brand. The Rev. H. E. E. Hayes, padre of [illegible], conducted the services.

Headed by the band of the Soliders Fathers’ Association, members of the War Veterans’ Association marched to the graveside, where a large crowd was assembled.

After unveiling the memorial, which consists of a large white marble headstone, surmounted by a bronze cross, Brigadier-General Brand said that the late Sergeant-Major Gamble had been a link with past generations, and had been a familiar figure wherever the King’s uniform was worn. His life and service were an example for succeeding generations. Born in the barracks of the Black Watch regiment, Sergeant-Major Gamble followed his father’s footsteps, and wore the Queen’s uniform through many campaigns. It had been his proudest recollection that his father had fought in the Battle of Waterloo. Sergeant-Major Gamble had served with distinction in the Crimea and in the Indian Mutiny campaign. His two sons had served in the Great War, and both were killed.

Representatives present included Major C. W. Hyland and Captain Russell Harding (Imperial ex-service men), Captain Marshall Wood (British Migration department), Mr R. J. Rayner (Imperial Navy and Army Association), who wore the veteran uniform of a sergeant of the Royal Military (Light Horse) Train, and Sergeant W. M. Chapman and Corporal W. B. M. Fairweather, in their Black Watch uniforms.
Gamble - Pres U Grave 31.jpg
Gamble - Pres U Grave 31.jpg (40.68 KiB) Viewed 669 times
Sgt RJ Gamble.jpg
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