Officers' medals

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Officers' medals

Postby Pgeddes » 04 Feb 2011 15:00

I wonder if anyone can clear up a question which has been confusing me.

Was there more than one medal issued for service in the Maori Wars?

I ask this because I know my great great grandfather was awarded the New Zealand medal, but photographs of him in the 1860s and 70s show him wearing a ribbon which looks more like the Distinguished Conduct Medal, which he is not listed as having won. Now I know that colours sometimes come out strangely in black and white, but the New Zealand Medal had two deep purple bands either side of an orange-brown band (lighter colour between two bands of darker colour), whereas the ribbon in the photographs has a dark band between two lighter bands.

So the question in my mind is: did the medal ribbon on the medal awarded to officers in the Maori Wars differ from the medal ribbon on the medal awarded to Other Ranks?


Here is the ribbon list I have been checking it against:

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Re: Officers' medals

Postby Waggoner » 04 Feb 2011 15:58

All received the same medal. Sometimes colours in old photographs can be deceiving. Have you looked him up in the medal rolls to confirm entitlement and receipt of the medal? The Army Lists should also provide this information.

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